TrueFlow Magnetics 3D technology visualisation animation


F1 car streamlining tests require struts to hold the vehicle in place, which creates artificial interference affecting the air flow around the vehicle.

TrueFlow Magnetics’ LevTev system removes the need for these struts by using rare-earth magnets, electromagnets and superconductors to levitate the car above a rolling road.

Pixel House Media produced a 3D animation to demonstrate this proccess and show details of the system at work.

This animation was a key part of a marketing strategy provided by an external marketing company. It was used to secure investment and customers for the LevTec system, so an understanding of the project was essential.We worked closely with the innovators of this system to get to know the science behind it. Only then could we correctly show the airflow before and after the problem is solved by the LevTec system.

Following completion of this project, TrueFlow have secured £60k in funding that will be used to build a full-scale prototype.